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teaching: dance


With interests spanning the academic and commercial realms, Maddie’s teaching practices are diverse and range from the university classroom to the competitive studio, ballet conservatory, and convention ballroom.

modern and contemporary
Rooted in release-based, post-Judson lineages, this class utilizes various movement tasks, both improvisational and set, to warm and prepare the body for large, sweeping movement phrases that transition in and out of the floor and play with gravity, momentum, and verticality. Pulling from yoga, pilates, and various dance forms (modern, ballet, jazz), class focuses on efficiency and clarity, while also allowing dancers to locate their own voices within the material. Prepare for big moves and lots of fun!

Pulling from primarily Checchetti and Vaganova syllabi, the focus of this class is to move efficiently and safely within the confines of the traditions and teachings of classical ballet. Class focuses on functional movement and anatomical principles to effectively move through barre and center exercises, all while paying attention to musicality, transitions, and dynamics that allow dancers to access more range in both technical execution and performance.

jazz, lyrical, and musical theater
Born out of a solid jazz foundation, these classes focus on precision, musicality, and expression. Warm-up exercises focus on strength, balance, and flexibility training, while also encouraging individual expression throughout. Diversely stylized combinations challenge dancers to expand their dynamic ranges.

dance history and theory

These courses focus on various historical and theoretical topics as they relate to the study of a range of genres of dance, including but not limited to Western concert dance, American vernacular dance, and world dance forms.

"Maddie is a great teacher. She is understanding of her students and knowledgeable about the material.

A class is easily shaped by the professor and this class was definitely shaped in a positive way.

I am extremely happy with this class and the new information that I have because of it.

I truly do have a new appreciation for dance."


Undergraduate Student at Florida State University

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